Safety is our top priority!

Derailment videos

The ARTI cable catcher 3PA technology provides increased safety in case of derailment. The cable catcher tray is equipped with a three-point impact. The special shape of the catcher tray is based on a principle of physics (Newton’s Third Law of motion), which says : If A exerts a force on B, then B exerts an equal, opposite force on A, so that provides an optimal energy absorption and cable oscillation damping in case of derailment. 

The Problem:
Cable fall due to circular cable oscillation

«The cable catchers currently in use proved to be unreliable. A constructive solution had to be found that would reliably prevent a cable fall after a derailment»

TU-Wien – Prof. Ing. h.c. Dr. Edwin ENGEL

The solution:
ARTIS 3PA Cable Catcher technology with cable protection padding

Increased safety due to:

  • Catch tray with 3-point stop 
  • Optimum blocking of the rope and damping of rope oscillation 
  • TÜV certification according to regulation 2016/424 
  • The ARTIS 3PA Cable Catchers are maintenance-free