Safety is our top priority!


ARTIS 3PA Cable catcher with cable protection padding for single-cable circulating ropeways

The transport of passengers with single-cable circulating ropeways requires the highest level of safety of the installations. 

The cable catcher is one of the most important safety components in the ropeway, because after a cable derailment, after the cable catcher comes the void. The life of the passenger depends on the reliability of the cable catcher.

3PA-Cable catcher Type‑D700

3PA-Cable catcher Type‑T600

3PA-Cable catcher Type‑N500

ARTIS 3PA Cable catcher with cable protection padding for ski lifts

The main feature of the ARTIS 3PA cable catcher for ski lifts is to block the rope at three points in case of derailment, therefore preventing the rope from falling on the people below.

Ski lift 3PA Cable catcher Type‑T200

Ski lift 3PA Cable catcher Type‑N100

ARTIS Modular swing deflector

The function of the deflector is to prevent or cushion the impact of the cabin/chairlifts support arm (when swinging out in strong winds) on the cable catcher or other parts of the sheave assembly. The deflector is used together with the dual cable catcher.

Pulley battery with 3PA Cable Catcher type Dual
Modular swing deflector type PAD7
Swinging example between the pulley with 3PA Cable Catcher type Dual 0 – 0.35 rad

ARTIS 3PA Cable Catcher with protective padding

In the event of a derailment, the padding protects the cable from the damage caused by the impact between the cable and the catch tray (abrasion, cable breaks, etc.).

All ARTIS 3PA Cable Catchers are equipped with cable protective padding.
Examples of damaged cable.