ARTI-Cable catcher 3PA-Technology

State-of-the-Art in safety following a cable derailment

ARTI-Cable catcher 3PA Typ-Dual
for detachable-grip

ARTI-Cable catcher 3PA Typ-S
for fixed-grip

ARTI-Cable catcher 3PA Typ-N
for hold-down devices

  • Catcher tray, provided with 3-point impact
  • Optimal energy absorption and cable oscillation damping in the event of derailment
  • Design in accordance with Directive 2000/9/EG on ropeways for passenger transport

Next steps

  • Prototype building

  • Testing + TÜV certification

  • Pilot series production


ARTI-Seilfänger 3PA Typ-Dual ARTI-Seilfänger 3PA Typ-S ARTI-Seilfänger 3PA Typ-N