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  • Articles about safety in cable cars

    Articles about safety in cable cars

    Articles available only in German Die Sicherheit hängt nicht nur am Seil Tages-Anzeiger, 19. Januar 2016 Sicherheit bei Seilbahnen muss verbessert werden Tages-Anzeiger Seilbahnen: Benützung auf eigene Gefahr Saldo, 5. Oktober 2009

  • List of cable car accidents

    List of cable car accidents

    Listing of cable car. This list does not claim to be complete. List of cable car accidents (Wikipedia – only in German)

  • Before / after

    Before / after

    Example of an 8-seater ropeway conversion with ARTIS 3PA Cable Catcher:

  • The danger of winds

    The danger of winds

  • Derailment analysis 

    Derailment analysis 

    Abstract The critical parameters in a rope derailment are the occurring very complex superimposed oscillations of the falling rope and the kinetic energy of the of the total rotating mass. The cause of suspension rope derailments lies in the constructive interference of rope oscillations of different frequency, phase and direction of propagation. These oscillations can be caused by winds,…

  • Interalpin 2023

    Interalpin 2023

    ARTIS – Seilbahntechnik AG celebrated a milestone at the International Trade Fair for Alpine Technologies (INTERALPIN) in Innsbruck. The ARTIS – 3PA Cable Catchers with cable protection padding were a world premiere and were met with great interest from the trade visitors, ropeway industry and ropeway operators.  ARTIS 3PA Cable Catcherwith cable protection padding «A…